The Great Swansea Bay Cycle

I’ve been a patron of the arts for a fair few years now(well, I’ve bought paintings) but before tonight I’d never sponsored any kind of sporting event. When two former work colleagues suggested a cycle-off I thought this could be my opportunity. So last night, on a damp cycle track in Gowerton, the very first Great Swansea Bay Cycle sponsored by Charcutier Ltd kicked off. It was a close fought event but my congratulations(and the mighty cup) go to Stuart Toomey, better luck next time Evs. As for my new found life as a patron of sport, you never know we might have a bigger and better race next year? Anyone else fancy competing?

Pigs, pigs, pigs…

Although we source our pork from an excellent breeder on Gower – The Welsh Farmyard (check their butcher shop in Sketty Park out), I’ve had a hankering to get some more pigs of our own. So, as I’ve got utter freedom to choose what breed, I’ve decided to go for something quite specialist – Mangalitsa. They’re a Hungarian curly coated, lard-type breed. Their slow growth, and the type of fat that they produce is excellent for any kind of air dried charcuterie – just what I need. They’re not cheap, they’re the Wagyu of the pork world – slow growth and excellent quality marbling equals top dollar. I happened to spot an advert online, so I’ve sent my request for a few and am hoping to pick them up later this month. They’re very unique looking – the best description I’ve heard is ‘womble pigs’.