The Granville Island Public Market

A friend had described his first visit to this particular market as “having nearly brought a tear to his eye, it was so beautiful”. I understood where he was coming from as soon as I stepped inside. The place was bustling, packed with a mix of locals and tourists oohhhing and aaaahhhhing over produce.

I was here specifically to see one stall – The Oyama Sausage Company. It didn’t disappoint. It could well be the most comprehensive and diverse selection of charcuterie that I’ve ever seen in one place, and the majority is made by the company itself. I’m told that close to Thanskgiving and Christmas the queues can be up to a 20min wait to get to the counter due to the sheer number of customers.

They had an incredible range of fresh sausages…

… and salami…

…cooked meats…

…pate and terrines…

…cured whole muscles…

…air dried ham…
…and bacon (there was cheese too).


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