Lather Unusual – Makers of Fine Mangalitsa Soap

I washed this morning in bacon and eggs, it was quite delightful.

Yesterday I visited Logan Niles at her beautiful store Lather Unusual to see her range of Mangalitsa soaps. She sources her lard from the famed Wooly Pigs. Formerly an Executive Chef, she mixes her culinary background and her understanding of seasoning, spices, herbs and flavours to create some of the most delightful soap I’ve ever seen.

As for using Mangalitsa, it was completely by chance – she’d spotted the Wooly Pigs stall at a Seattle Farmers Market, walked up and asked if they had any lard. The rest, as they say, is history. She could well be the largest producer of Mangalitsa soap in the US, and probably the World!

Logan had some samples of some new tests she’d been working on – cold smoked Mangalitsa soap, smoked in Hickory. The soap had that deeply warming smell of smoke, and the little cubes reminded me of small blocks of smoked lardo. I was very fortunate to have a tour of her production area at the rear of the store – she’d recently rendered her first batch of lard from Mangalitsa fat, it had the most intense nutty and meaty smell to it – it was screaming out for me to stick my finger in it and eat it!

With the company ethos of whole carcass utilisation, this little visit has given me a huge amount of food for thought. I went away laden with soap, if anyone’s in the Pacific Northwest, make sure you pay her a visit!

2 thoughts on “Lather Unusual – Makers of Fine Mangalitsa Soap

  1. Thanks so much for the visit! It was a lot of fun for me to share LU’s great Mangalitsa soaps with you and also to talk Mangalitsa such a remarkable and tasty piggy. Looking forward to keeping up with you on your Mangalitsa journey 🙂

    Soap Siren

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