Catching the hog!

So, the pig shaped cart that I caught sight of! Well, I did my research and tracked him down to the corner of 2nd and Pike. He’s obviously a Seattle staple, as there was a good queue of office workers ahead of me waiting for their pulled pork sandwiches. He’s called Maxiums Minimus, and he serves a Maximus (savoury and a little spicy) and a Minimus (sweet & tangy) pulled pork and slaw. I went for his namesake, with a Maximus sandwich and Minimus slaw.

I can honestly say it was one of the best meals that I’ve had on this trip so far. Street food is excellent here, and although it’s not as cheap as chips (it was around £7.50 for the sandwich, slaw and glass of ginger lemonade) the standard is so good that you’re happy to pay for it. This is street food made with love, care and attention that’s fresh, tasty and homemade. I was lucky to catch him, this is his last week for the season before he rests for winter.

3 thoughts on “Catching the hog!

    • Hey Matt,

      Good quality carts are few and far between here in Wales. The staple seems to be bacon rolls, burger and hot dog stands, there’s nothing in Wales at all similar to the food cart culture here in North America. Perhaps one day I’ll take a step to rectify that by starting my own!



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