Wales vs France

Due to head off to the last appointment of the trip(don’t worry I’ve got a stack of posts yet). I’m a bit bleary eyed having stayed up to watch the rugby. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such nervousness watching any game before now. My heart goes out to all the players. We played with some true grit, and hung on in there even being down by one player. I can see on Facebook that there are so many complaining about the referee, in the end, the game was there for us to win. We’re ever the plucky looser – my childhood was punctuated with games in the old National Stadium where we played well, with courage, and flair but ultimately lost to a better side. Now a little older and wiser, it’s heart breaking to watch Wales – we can’t capitalise on territory and possession. Yes, it was a hard fought battle but it was our game. A huge chance missed, utterly disappointed.


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