A slice of Lardo

I haven’t had too many disappointments this trip, but I don’t seem to be having much luck when it comes to Lardo. It’s one of the many food trucks in Portland, and top of my list in terms of carts to visit. Sadly due to changing schedules I missed an earlier appointment, and when I got to the cart today it had already shut. It’s been recommended by a couple of people, and they’ve all raved about the porchetta sandwich. I was gutted that I couldn’t get to taste it, but happy to see the cute little cart – a huge amount of thought has obviously gone into the design and build. Taped onto the door there was a cut out from The Oregonian (scroll down to the part about Rick) with a little background. Oh well, somewhere to visit on my next trip…


1 thought on “A slice of Lardo

  1. One of the things about the food cart scene that is very annoying. Several of them forget that customers expect regular hours, and I think it hurts their business when this happens but for some reason the practice continues.

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