Mangalitsa News!

Just a quick post as a slight homage to one of the real characters of the Mangalitsa world. A few months ago while I was touring the US I got to meet The Godfather of Mangalitsa producers – Heath Putnam. He was the first person in the US to import the hairy critters and he’s spent the past few years tirelessly working to promote the breed. It’s largely thanks to him that I know about the breed. Even though he’s the other side of the pond – that’s the power of the internet today; we’re such a small global community.

Along my trip I got to see some of the descendants of his original breeding stock, and whenever the breed was mentioned, his name would surely be uttered too. I’d spoken about him with other producers in the UK prior to the trip and he was akin to some kind of Pork Rockstar. So, on to the news, this isn’t an obituary, it’s just that Heath has decided to sell his company, Wooly Pigs. I’m sure we’ll be hearing plenty from the new owners Mosefund, but it’s always a loss when someone decides to sell up, retire or change career.

He’s done so much in promoting the breed, I think the rest of us as Mangalitsa producers owe him an immense debt of gratitude. I wish him well in whatever future venture he chooses to pursue.