Pigs, pigs, glorious pigs.

Two blog posts in three days, I feel as if I’m spamming! However, I thought I better mention that we have some new arrivals. This morning three Pedigree Berkshire gilts came to Felin y Glyn. We’ve never reared Berkshire’s before, so it’s a bit of a new one for us. So, why Berkshire? Well, during our HCC Scholarship tour last year, it seemed that everyone we spoke to in Vancouver swore by them. We found Berkshire meat products everywhere, from high end restaurants to street corner food vendors. In Japan they’re known as Kurobuta and are highly sought after for their marbled meat. So, we thought we’d give them a go – ones destined for our own bellies, the other two for bacon and charcuterie products.

Earlier in the year while scrabbling to find local producers to supply animals I came across the details of Mandy and Derek Colbourne in a BPA magazine. They have a beautiful smallholding on the Carmarthenshire/Pembrokeshire border called Glyn Elwyn where they keep herds of Berkshire, Gloucester Old Spot and Middle White pigs as well as flocks of Ryeland and Greyface Dartmoor Sheep.

Having had lie-ins till 7am for the past few weeks, it was time to relish the very last one today, as it’ll be a case of getting up early from now on to feed the new arrivals. As it’s turned cold this last week and the little ones have only just weaned, they’ll be kept in for the next few months on deep straw beds. I’ll post some decent pictures soon, and we’ll probably have another of our naming competitions (bacon for the winner!).

6 thoughts on “Pigs, pigs, glorious pigs.

  1. Just found your blog and enjoying having a mooch about. I knew of your business but not your story – it’s wonderful and I hope the business is going well for you.
    Love Berkshires! We had a pair in the nineties in Wiltshire called Sooty and Sweep when we ran an organic veg box scheme (plus meat). We know Mandy & Derek too. You’ve set me thinking we should get some more pigs soon….

    • Hi Juliet, I think we’ve tweeted in the past? There’s always room for some pigs! Business is growing, demand is incredible, hoping to have a larger processing space next year. We’ll also be providing a cutting and curing service for smallholders. If you ever need anyone to teach curing courses or sausage courses at the Smallholding Training Centre, please do drop me a line. Blatant plug on my behalf – we’ve got a doc about the business on S4C tonight at 9pm!

      • Yes, you’re right we have. I’m on Twitter in 2 guises, @JulietFay (marketing skills for rural businesses) and @smallfarmfuture. Will keep you in mind as a potential trainer. – curing would be good. We have a small scale poultry abattoir here & we’ve run a few evisceration and poultry cutting courses already. We plan to open end 2013. You can follow our blog to keep up with developments.
        Will try and catch your programme tonight (have to be subtitles for me!).

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