We’re Hiring!

All quiet on the blog for quite some time. It isn’t as a result of utter laziness, far from it. Our little business is growing, we’ve moved from our one roomed processing space on the farm to a shiny food business incubation unit at Horeb near Llandysul. It’s a temporary move while we’re converting the old milking parlour on the farm into a new butchery.


More space has allowed us also to spend some of our grant money on new equipment, so we now have a much bigger capacity for the production of fresh sausage and cured products. This also means that an increase in production means we need an increase in hands to help us produce. So, thanks to funding through the Jobs Growth Wales fund, we’re looking for our very first employee. There are limitations – the fund is open to those between 16-24 who are currently out of work. The position will be based at the unit at Llandysul initially and will then move with us back to the farm. Know of anyone suitable or interested? Please do pass the details on:


2 thoughts on “We’re Hiring!

  1. Pob lwc! A chroeso i Asturias pan gewch chi gyfle: ambell un yn y pentref yn dal i ladd mochyn a gwneud chorizo a pan trucu (pwdin gwaed, fel arfer wedi ei lapio mewn dail bresych.)
    Come and visit Asturias: some of our neighbours still kill the pig in November for chorizo & pan trucu (blood pudding wrapped in cabbage leaves)

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