How do I buy produce?

We currently do a monthly door-to-door delivery to Cardiff and Swansea, and we’re at a handful of Farmers Markets across Mid and South Wales.


Roath Market, Cardiff every Saturday from 9:30-1:00.

Riverside Market, Cardiff every Sunday from 10:00-2:00.

Aberystwyth Farmers Market  on the 1st Saturday of each month.

Pontyates Produce Market on the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10-12:30.

Uplands Market, Swansea on the Last Saturday of each month.

You can also find our produce stocked at:




and The Carrott Cruncher in Newcastle Emlyn.

Fortnum & Mason in London also stock a range of our traditional British bacons.


And we make speciality sausages for the lovely people at:


We keep our own pigs, but we also source our pork from a variety of local pedigree herds. Our mainstay is the Pedigree Welsh Pig which we source from the Kilvrough Herd of Pedigree Welsh Pigs, Goldfoot Herd and the Rhydybennau Herd. We also source British free range pork from Blythburgh Free Range Pork.


We’re noted for our Mangalitza produce, a rare Austrian/Hungarian breed of curly coated pig. We keep a small herd on the farm, and rear them seasonally in the old tradition where the pigs are finished in woodland and are allowed to fatten on the fallen nuts and fruits in the Medieval tradition of pannage or common of mast.

FG Illtud Dunsford 11a

We produce a range of hand salted and air dried British bacons including back bacon, streaky, traditional collar bacon and a black bacon based on a recipe dating back to 1781.

We also produce seasonal and continental bacons such as the Gascon ventreche and a regional Italian pancetta.

Our British sausages are preservative and gluten free (produced with either rice flour or gluten-free oatmeal) and are produced to traditional regional recipes, such as Cumberland, Lincolnshire, Cambridge and Oxford sausages.

We produce dense meaty continental and North American sausages such as bratwurst, salsiccia fresca, Toulouse, chorizo fresco, chaurcie, franks and Texan hot links.

We currently produce snack salamis on a rolling schedule which includes chorizo, cacciatore, fennel and red wine salami, saucisson sec, fuet. These are produced solely from older, high weight pigs and we also occasionally use rose veal from Marcross Farm.

We try and keep our prices as competitive as possible, generally they’re comparable to that of the premium ranges sold at supermarkets UK wide.

If you’d like us to stop by on our delivery route, drop us an e-mail at If you have a large order, want a whole/half animal please  or want a specific product please let us know beforehand. .